Inside The Common~Conversation

What's Ahead in 2017

The Common~Conversation makes some predictions for the year year ahead and invites readers to submit their own.

The Common~Conversation at Christimas

Reflections on Christmas in a coarse age and a brutal world,

A "Rigged" System and its Dark Roots

The publisher tries to explain the Electoral College System to foreign friends, and winds up more persuaded than ever that the system must change.

Catch Me if You Can

Reflections on Trump and his cabinet nominees, and why the author would be the perfect CEO of Exxon . . . .

Thoughts on a Not-so-Thankful Thanksgiving

Reflections on the holidays, the divisions surfaced by the election, and a suggestion on how to begin the healing.  The way forward is not to sweep the differences under the rug, but to face them openly -- and listen to each other.